Sebastián Mora strengthens Caja Rural – Seguros RGA

Posted On:11.15.2018

A world and European champion will be part of Caja Rural – Seguros RGA next year. The Castellón-born Sebastián Mora (Villarreal, 1988) will have his first opportunity in the Professional-Continental category after showing his potential on the track, where he was proclaimed world champion of scratch in London 2016. In addition, he was also European champion of this discipline in 2015 and double continental champion in madison (2015 and 2016), forming a duo with Albert Torres. This season, both got the silver medal in the World Championship of Apeldoorn; while Mora added two new national titles (persecution and madison) to his extensive list of Spanish Championships.

His main function in Caja Rural – Seguros RGA will be help and protect the sprinters of the Navarre squad, who will found in Mora a powerful help in the final meters. It is the eighth and last addition of the season after the announcements of Matteo Malucelli, Jon Aberasturi, Alan Banaszek, Domingos Gonçalves, Sergei Chernetskii and the youngs Xavi Cañellas and David González.

Sebastián Mora: This is a great and new experience for me, it is a leading Spanish team, something that I have been looking for for a long time and that has finally arrived. It will be my first season in the Professional-Continental category. Above all, I hope to contribute with my work as a launcher for the sprinters, since it is the function that I can best play thanks to the work I have been doing on the track. I arrive very motivated for the next season. I hope to do the best job possible. If the team is happy with it, I will be too. 

Roster 2019 Caja Rural-Seguros RGA

  • Aberasturi, Jon (Álava, 28/03/1989) – 1st season (Euskadi-Murias).
  • Amézqueta, Julen (Navarra, 12/08/1993) – 2nd season.
  • Aranburu, Álex (Guipúzcoa, 19/09/1995)  – 3rd season.
  • Banaszek, Alan (Polonia, 30/10/1997) – 1st season (CCC Sprandi Polkowice).
  • Cañellas, Xavier (Illes Balears, 16/03/1997) – 1st season (Feeder team).
  • Chernetskii, Sergei (Rusia, 09/04/1990) – 1st season (Astana).
  • Cuadros, Álvaro (Granada, 12/04/1995) – 2n season.
  • Gonçalves, Domingos (Portugal, 13/02/1989) – 2nd season (Radio Popular-Boavista).
  • González, David (Ávila, 21/02/1996) – 1st season (Feeder team).
  • Irisarri, Jon (Guipúzcoa, 09/11/1995) – 3rd season.
  • Lastra, Jonathan (Vizcaya, 03/06/1993) – 4th season.
  • Malucelli, Matteo (Italia, 20/10/1993) – 1st season (Androni Giocattoli – Sidermec).
  • Molina, Antonio (Alicante, 04/01/1991) – 6th season.
  • Mora, Sebastián (Castellón, 19/02/1988) ) – 1st season (Track).
  • Moreira, Mauricio (Uruguay, 18/07/1995) – 2nd season.
  • Pardilla, Sergio (Ciudad Real, 16/01/1984) – 5th season.
  • Rodríguez, Cristian (Almería, 03/03/1995) – 2nd season.
  • Serrano, Gonzalo (Madrid, 17/04/1994) – 2nd season.
  • Soto, Nelson (Colombia, 19/06/1994) – 2nd season.