Jon Aberasturi wins the sprint in Boucles de la Mayenne

Posted On:06.08.2019

New day of success for Caja Rural-Seguros RGA in the Boucles de La Mayenne with the victory of Jon Aberasturi in the second stage. The Basque rider launched a powerful sprint that none of the others could answer to end up entering the finish line alone. Meanwhile, Mauri Moreira climbs to the second position in overall standing just eight seconds behind the leader Ferasse (NRL).

Jon Aberasturi: “I have not had much luck this year, with legs to have won more races than I have, but this victory gives me the peace of mind that I am doing things well, it has been a tough race and that suits me, that people arrive punished. This uphill finish was good for me, I was good on my legs and I decided to throw from a distance so as not to be locked up like other times”.

On the other hand, the block in the Hammer Series in Limburg will race tomorrow the last stage -Hammer Chase- from the eleventh position overall after competing the ‘Climb’ and the ‘Sprint’.

Image: Boucles de la Mayenne