The new project of Caja Rural – Seguros RGA already works in Almería

Posted On:12.13.2018

The coastal town of Mojácar has received the new roster of Caja Rural – Seguros RGA for the first training camp of the season, which is held between the 11th and the 18th of December. This stage is served to start the new season, an opportunity for the new signings to get-together, meet each other and make contact with the material that will be used throughout 2019.

The Colombian Nelson Soto has been the only one who missed this appointment. He continues with his individual preparation in his country. Furthermore, Sebastián Mora has participated in the first days of the camp before flying, along with the rest of the Spanish track team, heading to London for the UCI Cycling World Cup. The rest of the cyclists have already completed several trainings, as well as different activities with sponsors and technical suppliers of the Navarrese team.

The riders of Caja Rural – Seguros RGA work with the goal of arriving in good shape at the start of the next season, which once again begins in the Vuelta a San Juan in Argentina (January 27 – February 3) and has its debut in Europe in the Challenge of Majorca (January 31 – February 3).

José Miguel Fernández (sports director): “In 2019 we will celebrate our tenth season in a row as a professional team and we want to face it with the same dedication as the first day. That is the reason why we have added to the planning of the last years a new training camp in December to deepen the roles of each cyclist and to establish the bases that we will develop throughout the year. I am very happy with the group we have, I see everyone very focused, with a lot of enthusiasm, and this is just what we need to develop their talent”.


  • Aberasturi, Jon (Álava, 28/03/1989) – 1st season (Euskadi-Murias).
  • Amézqueta, Julen (Navarra, 12/08/1993) – 2nd season.
  • Aranburu, Álex (Guipúzcoa, 19/09/1995)  – 3rd season.
  • Banaszek, Alan (Polonia, 30/10/1997) – 1st season (CCC Sprandi).
  • Cañellas, Xavier (Illes Balears, 16/03/1997) – 1st season (Feeder team).
  • Chernetskii, Sergei (Rusia, 09/04/1990) – 1st season (Astana).
  • Cuadros, Álvaro (Granada, 12/04/1995) – 2n season.
  • Gonçalves, Domingos (Portugal, 13/02/1989) – 2nd season (Radio Popular-Boavista).
  • González, David (Ávila, 21/02/1996) – 1st season (Feeder team).
  • Irisarri, Jon (Guipúzcoa, 09/11/1995) – 3rd season.
  • Lastra, Jonathan (Vizcaya, 03/06/1993) – 4th season.
  • Malucelli, Matteo (Italia, 20/10/1993) – 1st season (Androni Giocattoli)
  • Molina, Antonio (Alicante, 04/01/1991) – 6th season.
  • Mora, Sebastián (Castellón, 19/02/1988) ) – 1st season (Track).
  • Moreira, Mauricio (Uruguay, 18/07/1995) – 2nd season.
  • Pardilla, Sergio (Ciudad Real, 16/01/1984) – 5th season.
  • Rodríguez, Cristian (Almería, 03/03/1995) – 2nd season.
  • Serrano, Gonzalo (Madrid, 17/04/1994) – 2nd season.
  • Soto, Nelson (Colombia, 19/06/1994) – 2nd season.